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The Support I Needed…

After reading my post about Yoga Teacher Training, you may be curious as to how my hubby and I came to the decision for me to “go for it”.

In August of 2018–I went to my Yoga class–as I always did.  Our teacher arrived a few minutes late.  She had a very concerned look on her face–and was holding a blue envelope.  She stated that she was in the parking lot, and this very handsome man came up to her and asked her to give this envelope to one of her students.  She was taken aback by being approached in the parking lot–and recognized the man–but couldn’t place who he was.  He said he was my husband, and that he wanted her to give me this card.  He let her read it–and our teacher proceeded to come into the class.

She gave me the envelope (in front of everyone) and my immediate thought was “Oh–I must have dropped my membership card/debit card/etc in the parking lot”.  And then I recognized the handwriting:  “Ann”. I knew it was from my hubby. And immediately knew what it was for..and immediately started crying in front of the whole class.

It was the sweetest card–with the sweetest words..letting me know that HE knew how important YTT was to me, and because it was important to me, it was important to him–and that he would support me through this 8 month process of learning and transformation.  I read the care aloud to the class–and I am quite certain I wasn’t the only one crying.

I was moved by the love and support of my husband.  He is simply the best person I have ever met.  And thus begins the story of YTT.

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