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Just Breathe…


Oh if we could only just take a breath–

in moments of fear…

in moments of despair…

in moments of excitement…

in moments of uncertainty….

What if–before we react to a situation, we pause, take a deep breath in and out–and then proceed with caution?

Working with the breath–also known as Pranayama–is a major part of the practice of Yoga.  If you come to one of my classes–you will find that we often begin with some breathwork. Often times, we will use that breathwork during our asana (physical expressions) practice.

Our breath helps us to find a rhythm–helps us to find a place of peace. A steady and mindful breath can help us through some tough times–both on and off our mats.

Take a moment–draw attention to your breath.  Is it fast and shallow?  Try to make your breath long and deep–inhaling and completely filling your belly–and then exhale–completely.  Take a few rounds of just this type of breath–and see if you feel better.  I bet you do!

See you on the mat…


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