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On Leaving Corporate America

Hello. No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth–but wow, it sorta feels like it!

In the last two months we have: SOLD our house, completely moved into our new home and after much financial planning, orchestrated items so I can officially “retire” from Corporate America! My last day was August 16.

It was bittersweet to leave a career after 23 years–so many memories, so many friends.  We “celebrated” all week at work.  I may have let our a loud “YAY” as I pulled out of the parking lot–

Even though this is a short week (Thanks, Labor Day!) It is my first “real week” of life after retirement.  I will be busy attending to my Adult Family Home, teaching yoga, attending yoga classes, ironing my husbands work shirts and cooking healthy meals. Oh, and playing with our sweet pup, Lambeau.

I am well aware I need to upload photos–as that is what “makes” a blog–I will work on that–otherwise, you can always check my Instagram account

Here’s to a great day–and Happy First Day Back to School–to kids AND parents!





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