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To Mantra–or not?

Do you recite Mantras? Looking back in my life, I think I always have–I just never assigned those words a name.

“You can do it”, “You are strong”, “You are ready” many times do we say this to ourselves–maybe before a big exam..or a big job interview..or even in the middle of the joys of parenting.

Now– I find that a mantra helps me with my yoga practice. My favorite is “So Hung”…(Honestly I thought it was So Hum…until I read the lyrics of a song…). It means I AM THAT. That’s it. Saying SO on the inhale, and Hung on the exhale–before I go to sleep, or in a stressful situation when I can’t find my breath. Even in a challenging Yoga pose or sequence. It calms my mind, and brings me back to my breath.

Do you use mantras in your practice? Which ones?

Namaste my friends…


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